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January 21, 2011 January 22, 2011

Posted by orionrising in Observing.
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T-Shaped Formation of Stars in Taurus the Bull

Object: Stars

Site: Front Yard

Seeing: Bad

Transparency: Good

Type: Deep Sky

Constellation: Taurus

Magnification: 10x

FOV: 4.8 Degrees

Observing Time: 11.13 – 11:20pm

Notes: A cosmic T-shape formation a few degrees to the East of Taurus the Bull.  Made up primarily of six relatively bright stars, all were white.  Also had a chance to observe the Pleiades.  Compared to last year when I observed it, they seem to have lost their cloudy complexion, which was out of the ordinary and felt strange at first glance.  It might be effects of the atmosphere, or my binoculars being slightly out of focus– nevertheless they looked purely like a small clump of stars.  Very interesting.

UPDATE: Never mind, I never observed any nebulosity last year… click the link below to go back to my observing record last year, when I observed the Pleiades.



1. Daniel - January 23, 2011

Ah the wonders of keeping notes… apparently last night was alright too, but I was trying to get work done and only noticed that the clouds had moved off right before I went to bed =\

By the way, any experience in writing CVs?

orionrising - January 23, 2011

Not really, I’ve been focusing on Cover Letters and Resumes…but for grad school we’d likely have to learn how to write proper CVs XD

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