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February 12, 2011 February 12, 2011

Posted by orionrising in Observing.
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Two Arrowhead Formations in Taurus

NB: The magnification of this image is different from custom this time, covering a FOV of ~7 Degrees, to capture both arrowheads at the same time.

Object: Stars

Site: Front Yard

Seeing: Good

Transparency: Great

Type: Deep-Sky

Constellation: Taurus

Magnification: 10x

FOV: 4.8 Degrees

Observing Time: 9:40-9:55 pm

Notes: With clouds bordering the horizon, it was slightly warmer tonight, so I decided to observe the northern areas of the Orion/Taurus constellation border.  Found a fascinating set of two ‘arrows’ of moderately faint stars, one about 1.5 times bigger than the other.  They coincidentally both point in the same direction, towards the waxing gibbous moon about 8 degrees to the right. A magnificent sight, a “fast forward” sign in the skies.  To be honest, my first impression was two flocks of geese migrating north/south as the seasons change.  A subtle reminder that spring (and warmer weather) is near!  What about your first impressions? Let’s hear about it in the comments!


1. Daniel - February 13, 2011

It should be warm (very warm) near the end of this week of hell (fitting eh?) Hopefully the weather’s good enough for me to run outside a bit. I still want to catch the crab before it crawls into the ground hehe.

Speaking of which, I’m thinking of exchanging my telescope for a smaller one…. same 6″ diameter but a shorter focal length….

orionrising - February 13, 2011

LOL, true that, this week will be warm and heated for reasons other than the weather.
Two more midterms before reading week, data and neuro. had two last week already =/

Looking at the long range forecast it looks like precip next monday, thursday and friday, so maybe there’ll be an observing window tuesday or wednesday night. (Eight degrees though?! WOW! Talk about spring!)

Kinda sad, I didn’t get to observe much this winter, and Orion is already becoming less and less prominent…the spring constellations are starting to come on stage already.

Exchanging? Will you be selling your old one? or just buying a new one with a smaller focal length and using that? I understand the difficulties of setting it up, after a while it becomes counter productive to spontaneity. The starblast you showed me last time seems good, but the thing with that is you’ll need to have a table setup and everything, which may turn out to be the same degree of laboriousness (if that’s even a word) as your 6″ classic dob (which doesn’t require a table setup). Anyhow, let me know what you’re planning to do with your old one.

Good luck on your midterms. My orgo midterm is in the second week of march, AFTER reading week (rejoice)

2. Daniel - February 13, 2011

I don’t think I’ll be buying another one just yet. Not a lot of money to go around so I’m hoping to do a straight up exchange for things of similar value. I’m going to call up Khan/Efston when I have some free time to see if that’s possible.

The thing is, I have a dob so the setup is very very easy. It’s just the bulk that’s hard to manage. Getting something 1.2m long down a set of narrow stairs and out the door without bumping into anything is tricky (I blame my house’s layout) and it is absolutely impossible to transport to an observing site without a bigger car (not that it’s hard, it physically won’t fit unless I take it apart).

I think the starblast is tall enough to look through with a bit of crouching. Small enough to possibly transport in one piece, and worst comes to worst get/make a little step stool for it.

Here’s an idea though, if you’d prefer a full sized one and are looking to buy some time soon, buy a smaller one and we’ll exchange. I took great care of my baby and it’s in excellent condition.

I’m a little worried that with the precipitation the humidity might do a number on the seeing, plus I likely won’t be home to take advantage of any clear weather during the week (Midterms Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, labs Tuesday + Thursday).

Good luck to you too… my orgo is in 2 days >.<

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