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May 23, 2010 May 28, 2010

Posted by orionrising in Observing.
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The Waxing Gibbous Moon in All Its Glory

Object: Moon
Site: Front Yard
Seeing: 1
Transparency: Poor
Type: Solar System Object
Size: 32′
Magnitude: -11.96
Constellation: Corvus
Magnification: 10x
FOV: 4.8 Degrees
Observing Time: 9:50 pm – 10.08 pm

Notes: Moon in Waxing Gibbous Phase. This weekend is Victoria Day Weekend, hoping to see a fireworks show too (but alas, none show up even though I hear plenty of popping). The edge of Mare Imbrium was seen in decent definition. A group of smaller craters near the bottom of the terminator were also visible. No bright stars visible near the moon through binoculars tonight. As for the atmospheric conditions, seeing is horrible and the transparency leaves something to be desired, but extremely bright and big objects like the moon are seldom affected.  Atmospheric turbulences have a much greater effect on stars and deep-sky objects, like galaxies.  We see the moon has phases, because of its motion around the Earth. An interesting fact is that the light reflected off from the moon will always be coming from the sun; by doing a quick triangulation between the sun, earth, and the moon, it is easy to get an ethereal feeling of the geometry of these three important bodies in space.  Tonight, the moon is halfway between  Corvus and Virgo, two adjacent constellations in the celestial sphere.

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