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Milestone April 29, 2010

Posted by orionrising in Notices.
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Dear Readers,

As you can see on the sidebar on the right, sometime in the past 24 hours this blog surpassed its 1000th reader!

I would just like to say a humbled thank you for your continuous support these past four months in coming back to visit.  I hope that I have inspired someone out there to glance upward on a clear night, and even if it was a slight glance, to just for a moment, reflect on how big and wonderful the “velvet of black studded with diamonds” is.  We are truly lucky to be aware of our place within the great expanse of the universe, in my opinion.  Astronomy is the best way to gain reflective and emotional insight, a window into a sense of awe.  At greater than 1000 hits, we’ve achieved a milestone, albeit a small one.  So, thank you.

In return, I intend to keep posting, and sharing my experiences! =D

Thanks again.


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