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Clear Dark Sky

I’m putting here a direct image of the Clear Dark Sky Forecast By Attilla Danko. It’s very useful for astronomers; at a glance you can tell the weather conditions outside and some astronomy parameters such as seeing and transparency. I take no credit for making these charts; please visit http://www.cleardarksky.com/index.html for more information.

The chart is listed for Scarborough, but clicking on the map itself will lead you to Attilla Danko’s website, where a local map specific to your location can be found.


1. Daniel - May 19, 2010

If the weather holds up we might be able to observe tonight. First time in at least 2 weeks! *excited*

orionrising - May 19, 2010

Yeah! Clear Skies Finally! Hope it lasts a decent while into the night, so we can observe properly. Have you tried looking at Saturn or Mars with the Sky-Watcher Dob yet? Tell me how it goes, can’t wait to hear about Saturn’s Rings! Mars might be a bit small now, but regardless, hunting them down should be fun. Too bad Jupiter is below the horizon…it should be amazing through a 6 inch scope. AND you can try out the MKII, which will be exciting too. WOOT! XD

2. Daniel - May 20, 2010

That’s it, i give up waiting. Today looked promising but still no cigar… I don’t recall being cloudy like this…

3. Daniel - May 27, 2010

Well that’s the end of the run of good weather we’ve been having….. what now xD

orionrising - May 27, 2010

Build Build Build =D

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