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June 18, 2010 June 18, 2010

Posted by orionrising in Observing.
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Stunning Blue and Red Star Pair in Cygnus

Object: Stars

Site: Front Yard

Seeing: 4

Transparency: Good

Type: Deep-Sky

Magnitude: 3.80 (Brightest in FOV)

Constellation: Cygnus

Magnification: 10x

FOV: 4.8 Degrees

Observing Time: 12:10 – 12:25 am

Notes: Tried to find M29 in Cygnus at first (this is my first time trying to hunt for a DSO that is relatively obscure, compared to the Orion Nebula), then I lost the constellation stars altogether.  Found this incredible pair of stars though; after a quick reference back home, it turned out I was still in Cygnus after all.  30 CYG and 01 CYG make one of the most stunning star pairs I have EVER seen! Only a tenth of a degree apart, 30 CYG is electric-blue and 01 CYG is a warm red– this is a must see for everybody, I highly recommend it.  To find this pair, first orient yourself in Cygnus with its backbone vertical and head on top, then jump about 6 degrees right from Deneb; you’ll see this magnificent pair jump out at you.  Amazing.

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